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Joga at Higher Health


Join us twice monthly for Joga at Higher Health! Geared for the inflexible, the tighter body-if you can't touch your toes, Joga may be something for you!

Joga aims to build a balance in strength + flexibility by working with the intelligence of the kinetic chain. An athletic based style of yoga, Joga's intention is to improve overall body awareness while coordinating core and breath function.  Movements are intended to build muscle memory and balance joint stability/mobility with an increased range of motion, pivotal for injury mitigation. Joga is a system that truly benefits an athlete in preparation for sport, training and recovery. You’re invited to be part in #changingyourgame! 

See you on the mat,

Coach Joy

instagram: joga_with_joy

Joga will be offered the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at Higher Health Spine & Sport. 15 spots max per class. Please bring mat, towel and water.