Nutrition + Yoga October Event Announcement!

Nutrition & Yoga Workshop: Carb Cycling for Optimum Fat Burn + Yin Yoga

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Oct. 25 6-8 p.m.

Join Higher Health on Thursday, October 25th from 6-8 p.m. for a special Yin Yoga and meditation and Nutrition Workshop on Seasonal Eating / Natural Carb Cycling to help burn fat.

Dr. Deanna Mutzel will lead an in-depth discussion on seasonal eating and natural carb cycling for fat burning, and share recipes to get you through the upcoming months. 

The evening will include nourishing yin yoga from Amanda Stansfield, where we'll start our journey with a drop of Balance; a doTERRA essential oil blend to the bottom of our feet followed by a 30 minute offering of restoration and peace and end with a 5 minute guided meditation, you'll leave Savasana feeling grounded, relaxed, and completely blissed out. 

Pauline Haugen