Benefits of Laser Foot Scans for Summer Runs

Prevent Injury with Laser Foot Scans 

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Laser foot scanning provides a detailed image of the feet to give a chiropractor a clear view of a patient’s postural health, which can be vital for optimum function of the body. Laser scans are very accurate and can reveal an unknown imbalance in the feet. This can allow a skilled chiropractor why pain is being experienced and how to solve it.

The feet are one of the most vital components for running. Both long-distance and occasional runners can benefit from laser scan technology by receiving a personal mapping of the contours of their feet. Presented on screen in a 3D image, a skilled chiropractor can then tell where imbalances are in the body, which will help prevent potential injury from improper weight displacement. 

As a runner, your foot-strike is an important aspect of going the distance for your goals, but going deeper to understand overall weight-placement through natural foot curative can allow deeper insight to help prevent injuries long-term. Laser foot scanning can assist to determine if specialized orthotics are necessary to assist the curvature of your foot. This can help reduce impact where it hurts most during long runs and assist with performing daily activities comfortably. 

Increase your run times and decrease your chance of pain and injury this summer. Join us for a free laser foot scan at Lululemon in Bellevue Square on Thursday, June 28. Details below! 


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Free Laser Foot Scans at Lululemon Bellevue Square

Thursday, June 28, 2018

11:00 AM  1:00 PM

Luulemon Bellevue Square



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