Best Fitness & Wellness Devices in 2019

Fitness Tech to Meet 2019 Goals

fitness and wellness devices

The New Year has come and gone, and we are full-fledge rocking the resolutions..right? Whether your routine is moving and grooving or you could use a little pep to your step, we have a few of the latest and greatest health and fitness tools to help keep you on track through 2019. 

Apple Watch Series 4

Critics are calling this the best Apple watch to date. With a sleek design and a built-in personal trainer, this device automatically detects when you are working out and gives cues to help you meet your goals. With three rings that have different functions, one ring ensures that you stand at least once an hour. The middle ring reminds you to get at least 30 minutes of moderate to brisk exercise per day, while the outer ring encourages you to burn active calories. 

FitBit Versa

This is the second smartwatch from Fitbit, which is more known for accurate measurements. Lightweight with rounded corners, it is a sleeker design than its counterpart, and offers onscreen workouts and outdoor run tracking thanks to a built in GPS. Other benefits include sleep tracking, Bluetooth headphone capability, song storage and advanced heart-rate monitoring abilities. 

body cardio scale 2019

Withings Body Cardio

Scales are relative, especially when it comes to weight-training and muscle building. Even lean muscle weights more than fat, which is why stepping on a scale can be deceiving. Meeting the Withings Body Cardio scale. This baby goes beyond weight, to measure your body’s water, muscle, fat and bone. This is done through an electric current that is applied from the device through your bare feet, and is able to read all the details you once had to go to a personal trainer to measure.  

This scale also records your BMI and records the past 5 times you’ve stepped on the device, to compare you progress. Data is saved via a smart phone app, so you can build your health profile over months or even years. Bonus: it can support data for multiple household members, since it can detect someone new stepping on. This could be a 2019 game-changer when it comes to measuring your fitness routine and health for years to come.

Lenova smart clock 2019

Lenova Smart Clock 

Brighten your day with a smart clock that is designed to elevate your mood in the morning. The Lenova Smart Clock is voice activated and touch-screen, and is designed to gradually brighten your lights and increase the alarm volume for a gentle wake up call. You may think Siri is in the room when it automatically relays your day’s agenda and reminders, and then starts your coffee pot in the kitchen. Good morning! The Lenova Smart Clock will be available for $79.99 starting in spring 2019.