Benefits of Ergowave Roller Therapy

Eliminate Back Pain with Ergowave Therapy

Ergowave Roller Therapy

Ergowave Roller Therapy is the process of decompressing the spine with rolling bars while laying on a table, and has many benefits for those seeking back pain relief. Ergowave goes beyond a massage with the incorporation of rolling bars that move up and down a patient’s back at different speeds to help ease pressure filled areas of the spine.

Benefits of Ergowave Roller Therapy include the treatment of back pain, recovery from injuries and easing tension in the spine by providing immediate relief. Isolated therapeutic pressure and massage can also be applied independently to lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions. Patients often seek this form of treatment for back issues, injuries and following spinal adjustments. Settings are decided by the chiropractor according to the patient’s symptoms and level of pain experienced. After just one session, which is on average about 30 minutes long, the patient will feel immediate relief to the spine and back.

Ergowave Roller Therapy is beneficial in back injury recovery since the spine is often under a lot of pressure and stress. It additionally increases blood flow and oxygen into the discs, which helps in recovering from injury and regaining full mobility. This type of treatment can be used on anyone no matter the size and shape, but should not be done without a chiropractor’s recommendation. Other benefits of Ergowsve roller therapy include stress relief, relief of spinal subluxation and improved circulation and overall health.

Pauline Haugen