Hip Pain and Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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Approximately 100 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, with the most common type being hip pain. Chronic hip pain can severely affect one’s life and income, but surgery is expensive and timely. Seeing a chiropractor may be the best option for someone experiencing hip pain because it can potentially correct the problem and help create painless full movement again.

Since hip pain is commonly a result of spine misalignment, chiropractors can help to reduce and eliminate hip pain by using various techniques to realign the spine. There are hundreds of different techniques that chiropractors can use to help restore mobility and overall function. There are also no side effects of seeing a chiropractor, as compared to other methods of treatment. The chiropractor will choose a method of treatment personalized for the patient depending on the type of hip pain and severity.

The total cost for hip surgery can be anywhere between $31,000-$100,000. Visiting a chiropractor is much more cost effective option and doesn’t require painful recovery and potentially addictive medication that can mask the symptoms.

Some examples of methods they may use to correct hip pain includes high velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust, and low-force, gentle chiropractic care. Both of these techniques involve applying force to a joint to get it back into its correct position. Other methods of treatment to practice along with chiropractor visits includes a healthy diet, exercise, getting enough sleep and massage therapy. All of these practices combined are scientifically proven to restore mobility and function in the hips, but vary from person to person. 

Seeing a chiropractor for hip pain can additionally prevent further misalignment and dysfunction in joints for the future. The correction of the spine can relieve pressure and pain in other areas of the body, which can be an added benefit to preventing future issues. 

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Pauline Haugen