ProGlow Protein OFFICIAL Launch!

Food-based, Physician-Formulated Supplements for Women

ProGlow Protein

We are excited to announce our brand new line of supplements created by Dr. Pauline Haugen, ProGlow! Designed for women, ProGlow is 100% pharmaceutical-grade to give you the glow you’ve always dreamed of.

But what’s the difference between us and the hundreds of other products out there?

  1. Designed by a female doctor/ former professional athlete who knows how to supplement the female body correctly to grow stronger and more beautiful with time.

  2. Clean, pure, pharmaceutical-grade. This means that our products are designed and produced to be in a supplement’s purest form to allow maximum nutrient absorption in the body. By USP standards, our products must be at least 99 percent pure, meaning the main ingredients are natural sources that do not contain binders or fillers such as cork, dyes or unknown substances (over-the-counter supplements beware). Less than 3 percent of nutritional supplements on the market are pharmaceutical-grade, which is why it’s so important to go with ones you know are clean from the get-go.

  3. Power Packs Designed for YOU. We have carefully designed packages that are formulated to help meet your goals. Vegan? Let’s glow girl. Looking to increase lean muscle, Lean Gains is your BFF. Ready to remove belly bloat and get great zzz’s? Calm & Fit is your boo, boo.

Featured #Goals Bundle:

Glow from the inside out with Beautify, our best seller bundle than combines All Good women’s complete multi-vitamin with Calm-Up magnesium blend (goodbye belly bloat!), and Strong & Youthful, a powerhouse combo of high-grade pure bovine collagen with clean protein. Bonus! Each bundle comes with your very own ProGlow shaker in an Instagram-friendly (did someone say boomerang?) box!

Try us out and see the difference.

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Pauline Haugen