Athletic is the New Skinny

Why Fit Beats "Skinny" Any Day

Oftentimes there is a misconception that anyone that is “skinny” must also be “fit” or “in shape”. Not only is this untrue, but the term “skinny” can hold a different meaning from one individual to the next. As media consumers, we are constantly being bombarded with images of men and women with conceivably “perfect” bodies, paired with professionally done hair, makeup and lighting to create an unattainable appearance. We are constantly being told that being skinny means that we are attractive, when in reality, our bodies are made to move. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, meaning that the healthiest body, whatever your body type, is the most beautiful. This is why we at Higher Health have focused on creating personalized care plans fit to your individual needs, raising our patients up to reach their own personal best. Here we have compiled a few tips to bear in mind when revamping your nutrition and workout routine, because after all, athletic is the new skinny.

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A Little Muscle Never Hurt Anybody!

Many athletes, especially women, are hesitant to hit the weights for fear of becoming too “bulky”. Not only is this untrue, but building muscle will help sculpt your form and add curves to all the right places. Additionally, the more muscle mass you have, the more efficiently your body is able to burn off calories and reduce fat. Lifting weights with proper technique and instruction from a professional can leave you feeling strong, shapely, and capable both in and out of the gym.

Healthy Bodies Need Proper Fuel

When striving to look “skinny” while working out, it’s all too common for men and women to believe that skipping meals and restricting food intake is the best way to reach their target weight quickly. In reality, starving your body of the nutrients that it needs will do nothing but slow your metabolism. A slower metabolism means your body is processing and burning fat less efficiently, ultimately working against your goals to achieve a healthy physique.

Sorting out a nutrition plan that’s best for you can be tricky, so enlisting in some outside help from the experts can help cut confusion and get you on track to reaching your fitness goals. Join us August 30, 6-8 p.m. for a workshop on how to achieve and maintain a fat-burning metabolism. We will be joined by Dr. Deanna Mutzel, owner of Real Food Lab and Master Pilates Trainer, Erica Shepherd, as they share their knowledge as to maintain a fat-burning metabolism at any age. Shepherd will offer an hour long pilates session focused on moves that target lean, toned abdominals, followed by Dr. Mutzel sharing some of her best recipes that will help maintain a strong, lean core.

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Train Your Body for You

Our bodies are meant to achieve one primary goal: to move! Our bodies can do amazing things, from running to cycling to surfing and everything in between, and there’s nothing quite like a capable body to make you feel strong and satisfied. It is important to weigh the importance of athletics as opposed to aesthetics. Essentially you have to ask yourself: do I care more about what my body looks like, or do I care more about what it can do? Tailoring a workout routine unique to the sports and activities you enjoy most will not only help you improve your skills, but it will also help to build necessary muscle and help prevent injury. (Have pain preventing you from doing what you love? We can help!) 

Supplement Right

With busy work schedules and personal lives, it can seem nearly impossible to meal prep and gain the nutrients you need to thrive while on the go. The addition of key supplements into your diet that are tailored to your specific needs can help to maintain proper energy level throughout your day.

Our line of formulas, ProFunction, were carefully crafted by Dr. Pauline Haugen provide the best pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements and vitamins made for active, healthy lifestyles. These supplements support a number of functions, including anti-aging, women’s health, amino function, joint health and weight loss. Not only are these formulas delicious on their own, they can be crafted into innovative, mouth-watering dishes! These Enlightened Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins prove that eating healthy doesn’t mean they you have to sacrifice flavor! 

Ready to take your health higher? 

Pauline Haugen