Reap the Benefits of Rock Blading

Why Rock Blading Rocks  

Rock blading is an advanced manual therapy treatment technique which can be used for relieving different areas of pain throughout the body affected by chronic pain or sports injuries. Rock-blading uses two pieces of metal, one that is called a “Mallet” and another that’s called a “Mullet”. These tools work together to provide stimulus to areas of pain and pressure.

Benefits of Rock Blading include:

  • Removal of scar tissue
  • Improved muscle function
  • Improved performance
  • Eliminate pain, such as knee and spinal

The technical term for this technique is Assisted Soft-Tissue Neurosensory Modulation (IASTM). Rock blades provide deeper penetration of adhesions and scar tissue and can be used for joint pain, injury, lower back or neck pain. This method of treatment is an incredible modality to increase movement in interfacial layers that build scar tissue over time.

RockBlades come from the company Rocktape, who began selling these to medical professionals to help their patients recover quicker and move better. The idea was originated by Dr. Robert Schleip, who introduced the idea of ‘fascial release’, because fascia is an extremely tough tissue that requires a large amount of force to deform. This high amount of pressure helps Rock blades to free nerve endings and move tough tissue. This process then works to improve mobility and overall performance by stripping adhesions and encouraging deep fibrous layers to move.

Using rock blades can be most beneficial when used with other chiropractic techniques such as cold laser therapy or spinal decompression. Just after a few weeks patients will begin to see the removal of scar tissue, improved muscle function, and improved performance. 

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Pauline Haugen