Relaxation Techniques

Kick up Your Feet: This Month is All About Taking Care of #1

February is the month of love, and here at Higher Health, that means self love and care for our bodies, minds and spirit. To start the month strong, we challenge you to relax this month, and take care of yourself. Here’s a few tips from the pros on how we self-care, especially during one of the busiest (and shortest) months of the year.

Soak it All In

Ready for a DYI home therapy? It’s easy as a grain of salt. Himalayan salt, that is.

As human beings, we would die without sodium. Yes, the doc’s all stress about heart health, reduce sodium in your diet, and with all the “fast” processed foods out there, it is for good reason. But a natural salts can be great to enjoy in therapeutic ways.

Himalayan salts are natural salts, with contain 84 trace minerals that benefit our bodies. In addition, these natural, unbleached salts release iconic energy when mixed with water. Meaning when you add the salt to a warm bath, you reap the benefits by detoxifying your body and relaxing the mind. To make an affordable relaxation bath, simply add lavender oil to Himalayan salt, and keep in a glass jar. When you are ready to decompress, add as much as you like to a bath, light some candles and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 6.53.37 PM.png

Treat Your Feet

Feet are our foundation of movement. We run, cycle, hustle on the daily – they are an MVP of our body’s support system, and we need to get them the credit and support they deserve. This is where custom orthotics come in. Sound off-putting? We get it, but these babies can be game-changers when it comes to spinal and body alignment. Simply put, custom orthotics are supports that fit inside the sole of any shoe, customized to the unique foot structure of each person. Orthotics also provide superior comfort and support for walking, running and completing everyday tasks. Now that’s a self-love checklist that can be checked every day of the year.

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Massage Matters

Massage may be an obvious choice when it comes to self-care, and for good reason. Hard working muscles need to release and renew, and tightness can cause additional issues in the body, such as misalignment and more.

Massage can also boost immunity, reduce headaches, lift your spirits by reducing stress, help you sleep and increase function in your brain. Try one of our many massage packages offered here at Higher Health, from aromatherapy to deep tissue.