8 Benefits of Massage

8 Benefits of Massage to Cure your Winter Blues

The benefits of massage have been proven for numerous injuries and ailments, including rehabilitation, prevention of injuries, managing stress and inducing relaxation. For active individuals, the employment of massage to increase blood flow and reduce lactic acid build-up is a preferred method of preventing and treating athletic injuries. Our therapists specialize in a variety of techniques, ranging from sports massage to injury massage, deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, hot stone and aromatherapy.

We have compiled 8 benefits of massage that will cure your winter blues and bring you back to top performance in athletics – or simply make you feel great.

Boost Immunity

Stress has the potential to kick your butt right into bed due to the affect it can have on your immune system. Massage reduces stress, which has a direct impact on how many sick days you could potentially take. Studies have also found that disease-fighting white blood cells have the potential to increase through massage.

Reduce Headaches

In addition to soothing muscles, massage can affect holiday headaches. Some studies have shown that a regular massage treatment can reduce migraines and the pain associated. Even shorter massages of 30 minutes can help relieve tension headaches.

Lift Spirits

The stress hormone cortisol is released during massage sessions, which boosts serotonin and dopamine to reduce depression and calm anxiety.

Improve Sleep

Studies have shown that massage has an effect on delta waves, which are connected to deep sleep. Go ahead, take a nap on the massage table, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep later. 

Increase Brainpower

A Touch Research Study showed that individuals given a 15-minute chair massage completed math questions quicker with more accuracy.

Ease Pain

The most common reason patients come in for massage is to reduce or ease pain. Whether the result of an active lifestyle, or just a stiff back, our specialists offer deep tissue, sports and injury massage, Swedish massage, and more to reduce and prevent pain.

Glow from the Inside

The increase in blood flow results in the benefit of circulation, adding vitality to complexions and even hair. Massage can additional assist with tightening up of loose skin and encourage lymphatic drainage.  

Ease Cancer Treatment

Each of the benefits of massage listed can affect individuals undergoing cancer treatment or living with serious illness.

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Pauline Haugen