Kinesiology & Rock Tape

You Better Rock (Tape)!

rock tape and Kinesiology

You may have heard of Rock Tape, but what exactly is it and why is it beneficial? 

Kinesiology tape is a special kind of tape made out of tightly woven elastic cotton and nylon. It can be used for anyone of all ages experiencing pain, swelling, bad posture, recovery from injury, or athletes who wish to improve performance and function. However, this alone does not heal broken bones or serious injury and the tape doesn’t contain any drugs or medicine. The tape acts as a support to the body by bringing stability and awareness of muscles and ligaments that are sore or in pain throughout the body.

The adhesive on the tape is extremely durable and waterproof so that it can be worn for several days at a time and stay put even when things like sweat and water are present. Although it is not yet entirely proven, several research studies have shown kinesiology taping to be beneficial. By working to decompress the skin tissue, kinesiology taping improves blood flow and stability, as well as preventing soreness or stiffness in muscles. This is especially beneficial for athletes who compete and train on a regular basis.

The most common type on kinesiology tape used is called Rock Tape. This kinesiology tape is said to be much more evolved and enhanced than others and made specifically for athletes. Rock Tape is also made with more elasticity than others, so that it allows for a wider range of motion for each person. Rock Tape is used by many international athletes, kids, and arthritic octogenarians. Rock tape works to delay fatigue in muscles, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and improve overall movement and function.

The reason kinesiology taping is so beneficial is because often when we exercise regularly, muscles tend to swell and create a sore and/or stiff feeling, making it more difficult to exercise again until the soreness has gone away. The elasticity of the tape induces a lifting of the skin in order to decompress the space between skin and muscles, promoting improved blood flow and decreasing pain. Kinesiology tape acts as a stimulus in the underlying skin tissue on the area the tape is placed, making it more difficult to feel pain or soreness.

Kinesiology taping is so popular around the world because of its effectiveness. Just a few examples of professional athletes who support the use of Rock Tape includes tennis star Serena Williams, soccer stars Gareth Bale and Jermaine Jones, and golfing professional Michelle Wie. Jessica Kendall, a US Speed skating athletic trainer states, “Athletic trainers, professional athletes and amateurs know how great Rock Tape is, and our athletes know the value of the product. Rock Tape is an asset, and great support for our recovery and training.” 

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Pauline Haugen