Meet the Coach Behind Joga

6 Questions for Coach Joy

We caught up with Coach Joy, our premier Joga expert and instructor at Higher Health, and found out exactly why Joga is different than traditional training, and how it can help with both injury prevention and as a rehabilitation tool for all athletes, no matter what your level.

Join us July 10th from 7-8 a.m. for Joga in our location, and twice a month starting in August!


1) What inspired you to teach Joga?

I became inspired by my desire to work with athletes. Coming from an athletic background and injury I felt I had invaluable experience to share with others. 

2) What is your background?

I moved back to the U.S. two years ago from Canada and Europe to pursue training, and am Joga + Functional Range Conditioning specialist certified. Educating yourself is key as the industry is in constant motion. 

3) Why is Joga different than traditional yoga?

Joga includes a combination of static & dynamic stretching as opposed to traditional long holds. Postures are designed to incorporate power & flexibility while challenging balance + core strength.

4) Who is Joga for?

Joga is for the youth, amateur, urban & professional athlete. The Joga program is also designed as an injury mitigation & injury rehab tool.

5) Why is Higher Health Spine & Sport an ideal space for Joga training?

Higher Health provides such an exceptional experience for clients in rejuvenation and recovery, as Joga also falls under that umbrella in an active recovery approach for body + mind. 

6) What are some of the reactions you have received from students following a Joga class? 

The fire starter program definitely presents challenge to clients in body + mind. People love the breathing and ‘feel good/relaxed/strong’ after a Joga session. 

Pauline Haugen