March is National Nutrition Month

Eat Right for Your Lifestyle

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Whole wellness involves taking into consideration factors like diet, daily movement (hello FitBit!), cardio/strength training and sleep. It’s important to incorporate all of these into your lifestyle, and then figure out what nutrients, protein and healthy fats your body needs to keep you moving. Regular chiropractic check-ups can also be beneficial to injury prevention and proper alignment, and go hand-in-hand with whole body wellness.

March is National Nutrition Month, which means we are going to dive into easy to follow nutrition tips and insight from our latest ebook, What the F to Eat (now also available in hardcover!). Read on for 3 easy ways to say yes to nutrition for your lifestyle this month, and every day, as well as a delicious recipe you can whip up in minutes. Bon appétit!

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Use Intuitive Eating

  1. Only eat when you are hungry.

  2. Chew your food mindfully. (This means waiting until you are done eating to turn on Netflix/Instagram)

  3. Take a breath before eating. Tune into how you feel and what your body needs – not what your brain thinks you need.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals ahead of time will help you keep on the clean-eating bandwagon.

Pick a day or two during the week to prepare bulk foods and store them in your fridge in large, glass containers. When you get home after a long day at work, you have real food ready to eat.

Feeding Windows:

Having a “Feeding Window” can help you burn your body’s own fat and lose weight as it helps keep insulin low and stable. Give your gut a chance to relax and keep your insulin low. Give your body a chance to burn its own fat stores and to utilize your bodies fat for fuel.

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Defining your fed and fasted state will help your insulin remain low. When you are in a fasted state, insulin is low. When you eat, insulin spikes. Fat-burning can only occur when insulin is low.

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Easy On-the-Go Protein Packed Smoothie

AB&C Smoothie

1 cup Brazil Nut Milk (or other non-dairy milk) go to for brazil nut milk recipe
1 scoop Profunction Detox or Profunction Whey (chocolate flavor)
1 tbsp cacao nibs
1 tbsp cacao powder
1 heaping tbsp almond butter (feel free to sub other nut or seed butters)
1 tsp maca powder (or other adaptogen like ashwaganda, tacos, reishi, etc.)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 frozen banana
Optional: handful of frozen greens or tbsp. of flaxseed for additional fiber
Add liquid first, then all the rest of the ingredients to a high-speed blender & blend until smooth. 

Recipe courtesy of So Fresh & So Green

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