Give Dad the Gift of Self-Care this Father's Day

Self-Care for Dad

Physician-Approved Supplements to Keep Dad Healthy

Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time for Dad to embrace self-care! Generally, women practice self-care more frequently than men do. What better way to show Dad you care than by giving him the gift of a strong and healthy lifestyle?

Appropriate for men and women, physician-approved ProFunction covers all your nutritional needs. Created to support an active lifestyle, the supplement line promotes healing, strength, healing, detox and immunity. For Dad, that means staying strong on his morning runs, preventing injury in the gym, staying laser focused in the office and fueling his body properly to do it all over again.


Whey. Protein Powder

The human growth hormone decreases with age, making it more difficult for our bodies to produce protein. That’s why it’s best to keep Dad’s protein intake high so he can maintain strength, build muscle and prevent injury. The recommended amount of daily protein for men 40 years and older is 1.0 g - 1.2 g per pound of body weight. (Read more about fueling your body properly at any age with our e-book What the F@#K to Eat.)

That’s where ProFunction Whey comes in handy. Boost Dad’s old food routine with a complete meal designed for health on-the-go, packed with vitamins, minerals and a hearty 23 grams of protein per serving. Now’s the time to replace those quick drive-through meals on a busy day with a shake designed to fit his life and build his healthy future!

Whey Protein Father's Day Gifts

Strength. Amino Acid Complex

While aging bodies need an extra boost of protein synthesis, it’s important to note that supplementing a diet with protein is beneficial at any stage of fatherhood! The building blocks of protein, amino acids are a key player in building muscle or preventing muscle loss associated with inactivity or aging. ProFunction Strength brings amino acids in for the rescue. Strength provides the right amino acids in the right ratios to help Dad meet his goals and stay healthy.

Amino Acids Father's Day Gifts

Balance. Daily Probiotic

After a few too many brews and wings watching the big game, Dad’s gut might need a little assist to return to normal. ProFunction Balance is a potent probiotic blend medically proven to support metabolisms in need. Unlike other similar products on the market, this strand of probiotic has been proven effective through human research strains that support healthy gut flora. Gift Dad with a bit of Balance this Father’s Day, he deserves it.

Father's Day Gifts Probiotics

Detox. Detoxification Shake

Planning an exceptional grill-out for Dad’s big day? Save this detox shake for the days after. Designed to decrease inflammation and increase digestion, ProFunction Detox will bring all the good feels for Dad’s gut while supplying high-quality protein and proper nutrients. Hot dogs and hamburgers are an acceptable indulgence, but they can’t supply the full dose of vitamins and minerals that are included in this delicious detox blend.

Detox Shake Father's Day Gift

Sleep. Melatonin Supplement

No judgment here, Dad needs his beauty sleep just as much as the rest of us. ProFunction Sleep has high-quality, all natural L-Theanine + 5-HTP to help Pop’s fall asleep and stay snoozing through the night. These peppermint melatonin chewables will have him waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Father's Day Gifts Melatonin

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