New Year Nutrition: 5 Questions with Dr. Deanna Mutzel

Higher Health Nutritionist Dr. Deanna Mutzel discusses common questions and concerns for a healthy New Year

Dr. Deanna Mutzel, Higher Health Nutritionist

Dr. Deanna Mutzel, Higher Health Nutritionist

1. What is the most common concern people come to you with around the New Year? 

Weight loss is the number one inquiry during the New Year time. It is a time of self-reflection and new beginnings, and many people are motivated with a fresh start to their old routine and bad habits. 

2. What is your advice for starting the New Year strong and sticking to new routines and regimes?

Baby steps. Start with focusing on nutrition first. Eat intuitively, meaning only eat when you're truly hungry. Say no to diets. Say yes to eating organic, seasonal, local foods when possible and each plate should consist 80 % diverse veggies – the rest on good fats, proteins and slow carbs. Slow carbs examples are squashes, root veggies, sweet potatoes, and resistant starches. Fruit is a treat and berries are always best as they are low glycemic.

Move your body daily. It doesn't have to be intense, just move in the way that makes you happy, rain or shine. Resistance training is recommended 3-4 days a week to build/maintain lean muscle.

3. How can people stay on track all year long?

Stay on track by setting goals daily. Write them down. Set daily goals, weekly goals and goals for the year. Keep them realistic.

4. What is a common nutrition myth that should be busted?

Common nutrition myth that should be busted: "One size fits all" AND "Track your Macros". Focus on real food. Keep it diverse. Tracking macros will back-fire. Attention "low carbers"-- there is so much more to weight loss than how many carbs you have each day. Other important factors are exercise, sleep, and stress management.

5. What are a few simple diet recommendations for athletes vs athletes that may be in a rehab stage, or that may be in a more sedentary lifestyle? 

More protein may be needed as an athlete verses a sedentary person, but protein in the form of plants will suffice. Animal protein is a treat. Supplementation may also be required such as fish oil, vitamin D and a good probiotic. I am also a fan of dry sauna therapy for 20 minutes duration daily if possible, for detoxification and a metabolic booster.

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