Achieve Your Health Goals in 2018


Get motivated with 6 pointers that will get you moving and grooving. 

Every person, and every body, is different. Some of us jump out of bed before dawn to hit the treadmill, while to others that may seem like a far off dream (or nightmare). Either way, nudges of motivation are important no matter what fitness level, especially as February creeps up and the chocolate ads begin appearing everywhere. (Tempted? Try our mouthwatering, yet health-concious vanilla tumeric cookies to stay on track.) 

Create Goals

We all have an ideal image of ourselves that lives in our heads. But how do we get there? Envision where you want to be at the end of your journey, and then break it down. Everything is possible, and is a lot more achievable when it is created into digestible segments. Trainers at your favorite gym or health facility are great resources that can assist with helping you determine your goals and how to get there. The most important aspect is your health and how you feel. As you continue on your journey to reaching your goals, you will notice a difference in your energy levels, outlook, and overall well-being. 

Start a workout log or diary (and use it!) 

After creating goals, it's often helpful to use a road map that you create to your personal level to get there. Pick up a daily planner where you can plan your workouts and jot down your progress. As you hit your landmarks, reward yourself with something you love (no, not with a tub Ben & Jerry's), and be sure you are writing down how you feel after each workout. Every day is going to feel different, with some days easier, or harder, than others. Keep moving forward.

Mix Up Your Mash Up

Music is meant to motivate the soul, and as it is seen in popular cycling classes, can be a powerful tool when pushing the extra mile. Explore working out with different kinds of music, and once you find what fuels you stick to it. Really love that tune? Try only listening to that particular type of music when you workout, so when you crave this music you find yourself lacing up your tennis shoes. Alternatively, try listening to your favorite movie soundtrack on your next run, and let your mind wander to your favorite destination while your feet do the work. 

Go Shopping

Ever find yourself transform after you put on that little black dress or those new skinny jeans? The same feeling goes for workout gear, and in 2018 there is plenty to choose from. Whether you hit up Lululemon or another favorite brand, treat yourself to a solid workout outfit that will make you feel great just by putting it on. You'll feel good before and after your workout, and even better when you're done. 

Be a Do-Gooder

All kinds of races are out there for runners and walkers alike. Find a 5K or obstacle race that has a cause you stand for and go. Rather go at your own pace? Sign up for an app like Charity Miles, which donates money based on your workout. You'll be treating your mind, body, and soul. 

Eat Well, and Often

Food is life. By enjoying healthy food choices at optimal times of the day for your lifestyle, you will keep your metabolism and sugar levels on track for burning calories, lifting energy, and staying satisfied. Contact us for a consultation with our nutritionalist Lauren Chambers here at Higher Health. 




Pauline Haugen