Why Celebrities and Athletes Love Cupping

So, what's the deal with cupping? 

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Cupping is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that involves the use of a cup to suction out air from around the skin to relieve pain and improve health. Another traditional Chinese medicine similar to this and used by many people is acupuncture. These types of treatment are often preferred over other methods such as taking pain medication because they cause zero side effects and have been proven successful by professional athletes and celebrities.

When cupping, the air is suctioned from around the skin and a partial vacuum is formed, causing the blood to flow outwards towards the skin. The process of doing this is said to be very relaxing, as well as healing for any pain or stiffness. It relieves any muscle tension when the air is being suctioned out by enhancing circulation and releasing toxins. There are different types of cupping depending on the kind of relief you are seeking.

This type of medicine started gaining recognition about ten years ago when athletes and celebrities began showing up to events with these large, dark circles appearing on different areas of their body.  Cupping quickly started to gain popularity following celebrity show-off regulars such as Jennifer Aniston and professional tennis player Andy Murray.

Wondering if cupping is right for you? Check out 5 benefits below and determine for yourself, or give us a call to schedule a consultation.  

1. Gives You Energy

Cupping is a great way to boost energy throughout the day due to the increase in circulation and blood flow. Cupping additionally jumpstarts the metabolism, helping to burn more calories.

2. Relieves Joint Pain and Arthritis  

Cupping has been scientifically proven to immediately ease joint pain and arthritis. Cupping is effective because it improves the flow of blood, helping the muscles and body to receive essential nutrients they need to function.

3. Treats Gastrointestinal Issues

Gastrointestinal issues, such as ulcers, IBS, and constipation, can be treated with cupping since it promotes a healthy flow of the bloodstream, allowing for secretion of inflamed and irritated digestive fluids causing these issues.

 4. Improves Blood flow and Circulation  

Cupping significantly improves blood flow and circulation. This is so important because the body cannot function without a steady blood flow. It increases blood flow when the air is suctioned out of the cup and blood is drawn outwards toward the skin.

5. Increases Strength

Cupping can help to make the body stronger by curing any muscle weakness and/or fatigue. This is effective because when muscles are weak and fatigued, it means that a nerve is blocked. Cupping opens the nerves and allows for blood flow through these muscles without doing any damage. 

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Pauline Haugen