Car Accident? Time is Ticking

Why Seeing A Chiropractor Is Crucial Following An Auto-Accident

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After an auto-accident, it may not feel like serious injury was caused right away. It can take several months and even years to feel symptoms from the accident. If you recently been in an auto-accident, no matter how minor or severe, it is important to make an appointment with a chiropractor, and one that can meet your needs. 

Common symptoms that can potentially take up to months to notice following an auto-accident include whip-lash, neck/back pain, disc damage and soft tissue pain and stiffness. Doctors at Higher Health Spine & Sport specialize in these specific pain-related injuries. Seeing a chiropractor at Higher Health following an auto-accident will help to avoid long-term pain, provide pain relief without the use of drugs or medication and significantly reduce pain throughout the entire body. 


Prescription medication can become addictive and cause negative side effects such as withdrawal, which are becoming nationwide issues. Chiropractors confront the area of pain from the source, healing where the pain is coming from rather than masking it, and specialize in treating pain without the help of medication. 

Identifying potential injury in the body is the best possible position to recover and gain strength if there is indication of misalignment or relating issues that could cause years of pain down the road. Injuries not identified immediately will cause symptoms to increasingly worsen, and may result in severe and potentially long-term pain. Chiropractors are an important resource to turn to following an accident for relieving pain, providing exercises for physical therapy and providing nutritional advice that can speed up the healing process. 

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