Nutrition eBook Coming Soon!

How to Eat Real Food to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle at ANY Age is Hitting the Online Shelves this Month!

nutrition ebook

An easy-to-read ebook for everyone is about to hit the online bookshelves from Dr. Deanna Mutzel of Real Food Lab and Dr. Pauline Haugen of Higher Health and ProFunction. Written for all body types of any age, this book addresses how to eat real food to rock that body you want at any age.

Every wondered how many calories vs carbs you need for your routine? What about those “good fats”? Is that new diet really what it’s cracked up to be? This ebook answers the hard questions and breaks down the mysteries of the human diet as we age – and how to eat right for it to meet and exceed goals.

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond, this ebook is for you, and is not one that will expire on the shelf. All information is researched and vetted by top nutritionists, and scientifically-proven when it comes to how specific foods can affect your body.

Included with the ebook are pages of delicious, real-food recipes to fuel your lifestyle. Whether you are a triathlon athlete with a full-time job or a stay-at-home mom juggling fitness and family, a variety of easy-to-prepare meals are at your fingertips.

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