National Friendship Day

International Day of Friendship

The Power of Friendship

Get ready to celebrate Friendship Day this Sunday, August 4th. Personally, we are big fans of a day dedicated to appreciating the sweet souls who keep us going, day in and day out. An excellent support system is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Not only can friends accept you and lift you up on bad days, but they can encourage you to take care of yourself, keep striving for success and maximize your potential. There is power to be found in feeling loved and supported. Stick with those who believe you can move mountains, and you just might move one after all.

International Day of Friendship Twins

Our Founder and Her Lifelong BFF

Our founder, Dr. Pauline Haugen, discovered a life-long best friend in her twin sister, Dr. Deanna Mutzel. Since day one, the pair have shared passions and achievements, constantly encouraging each other along the way. 

Pauline and Deanna both began competitive figure skating at a very early age. At the age of 18, they discovered a shared passion and knack for running. They trained together, using their friendship as motivation to excel at the sport. Deanna and Pauline both went on to join the Canadian National Track Team and then earn full scholarships to the University of Michigan as NCAA Division 1 track and cross-country athletes. 

Although the pair may be yin and yang at times, they have always shared a passion for nutrition and fitness. They balance and support each other to reach new levels of achievement. From opening their first chiropractic business together in 2001 to co-authoring their nutrition book What the F@#K to Eat, it’s safe to say these twins are some badass BFFs. 

No matter how busy life gets, Deanna and Pauline always make time for each other. Sometimes, that means taking a twin trip to a new place together. Other times, that means chef Deanna cooks a nutritious meal and Pauline takes care of the dishes. Friendship doesn’t require fancy trips and expensive outings. It’s all about making time, checking in and supporting the other person. That’s why Deanna and Pauline will always be healthy, happy and fit lifelong BFFs (or wombmates, as they call it!)


How to Celebrate Friendship Day

International Day of Friendship

We hope you agree by now, this is a holiday worth celebrating! Take the time to tell your loved ones you appreciate them, or plan a fun way to spend time together. Here are just a few ideas to celebrate the holiday:

Throw a Potluck Dinner Party

Nothing fosters friendship quite like good people, good times and great food. Have everyone bring a dish, gather around the table and enjoy some comforting quality time.

Mail a letter

Who doesn’t love mail? Make a friend’s day by sending a sweet card via snail mail. It will brighten up their mailbox and their smile.

Check-in on a Friend

Life happens, and sometimes too much time passes! Pick up the phone and call or text your close friends you haven’t connected with for awhile. Ask how they are and what’s new in their life. You never know, it might be just what they need!


Make a new friend

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