Get Active Outside in Bellevue


Running, Hiking and Biking in Bellevue

The summer sun is shining and we are located right in a region of refreshing outdoor beauty. There is no better way to appreciate all Bellevue has to offer than by getting active! With extensive parks, trail systems, breath-taking views and cascading waters, experience your workout immersed in the city’s impressive landscapes. Each trail promises a different journey depending on the adventure you’re looking for. Break a summertime sweat in Bellevue!

Downtown Loop


Distance: 3 miles

Immerse yourself in the heart of the city with the Downtown Loop, a route that offers perfect views of downtown Bellevue and Lake Washington. The trail goes through the Bellevue Downtown Park, a 21-acre oasis of green landscape and cascading waters.

Take a memorable tour of Bellevue and its impressive city scape as you run through the park, along Meydenbauer Bay and the downtown core. Stop at the formal gardens to take in a gorgeous view of the skyline and Mount Rainier.


I-90 Trail

bellevue outdoor exercise i90 trail

Distance: 10 miles each way

Don’t be fooled by this trail’s highway proximity. Also known as the Mountains-to-Sound Trail, this ten-mile path offers some of the finest views in the city.

Run or cycle across the highlight of the trail, the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge. I-90’s famous floating passageway presents sweeping views of Lake Washington, the shores of Mercer island, the Cascade Mountains and beyond.


Mercer Slough Nature Park

Bellevue outdoor exercise mercer slough nature park

Distance: 0.8 - 4 miles

Enjoy a tranquil setting in the heart of Bellevue by journeying through the 320-acre Mercer Slough Nature Park. As Lake Washington’s largest remaining wetland, the park provides a diverse habitat for hundreds of plants and wildlife species.

The park offers a variety of trails, so you can choose your adventure upon arrival. Travel the park perimeter on the 4-mile paved Periphery Trail, enjoy historic views and blueberry fields on the 1 mile Heritage Trail or traverse through forested wetlands and meadows on the 0.8 mile Bellefields Trail.


Weowna Park

Bellevue outdoor exercise weowna

Distance: 3.5 miles round trip

Escape the city hustle to this hidden 90-acre forest located off West Lake Sammamish Parkway. Find peace within the magical forest full of douglas firs, big leaf maples, quiet trails and sparkling waterfalls.

Barked and looping trails rise at a consistent elevation up to 300 feet, creating the perfect palette for a slightly challenging hike or a high intensity run.


Mount Si

Bellevue outdoor exercise mount si

Distance: 7.9 miles

Looking to amp up the intensity? Check out the Cascade Mountains, just a short drive from Bellevue. Mount Si is a dog-friendly hike full of shady trees, making it a good hike even in the heat of summer. Gaining 3,100 feet in a little under four miles, the Mount Si Trail is considered a more difficult hike. Luckily, it also offers motivating landscape views and beautiful wildflowers along the way. 

Each year, Mount Si is hiked by upwards of 100,000 people. Expect to see some fellow hikers during your trek!


Schedule a Summer Check Up

Take a break from your active adventures to check on your back and spine health. Regular appointments with a professional chiropractor can help you improve posture, increase energy and raise stamina. That means you’ll be all set for the next adventure. At Higher Health Spine and Sport, we are happy to be your go-to Bellevue chiropractor!