5 Surprising Benefits of a Chiropractic Consultation

chiropractic consultation benefits

Why a Chiropractic Consultation is the Best Self Care

If you work out often or work in front of a computer, you may find that work taking a toll on your back, bones, joints and tissue. If so, then it’s time to get to work on your pain relief! Doctors can perform surgery or prescribe medication, but chiropractic treatment offers an effective noninvasive alternative that manually adjusts joints, restores mobility and prevents pain and injury. Not only that, but it also presents five other health benefits that will holistically heal the body and the mind in the process.


Improves Sleep

More than one in three adults report that lower back pain affects their everyday life, especially sleep. Incidentally, one in three adults who receive chiropractic treatment report immediate improvement in their sleep. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that anyone struggling to sleep from lower back pain, neck pain and headaches seek chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractor can not only address the pain and improve blood flow but also recommend sleep positions, pillows and mattresses that can prevent future pain.    

chiropractic consultation benefits improved sleep

Boosts Immunity

The nervous system, immune system and endocrine system are all in charge of moderating and maintaining your health. Spinal misalignment interferes with all three- compressing your joints, increasing stress hormone levels and compromising your immune system.

Some research has actually seen white blood cell activity increase directly after chiropractic treatment. If you want another layer of protection, see your nearest chiropractor.

Chiropractic consultation  immune boosting

Treats Headaches

Nine in ten Americans suffer from headaches, which often originate from neck pain and muscle tension. Working out, working behind a desk, looking down at your phone and driving too long all overstretch and weaken your neck muscles.

A chiropractor will not only ease the pain and improve blood flow but also offer lifestyle and nutritional advice that can prevent headaches in the future.

headache relief through chiropractic consultation

Helps Sports & Fitness Performance

The United States Olympic medical team and almost every NFL and MLB team have a chiropractor on-staff. It has been shown that chiropractic sports medicine, a relatively new subsection of chiropractic treatment, helps adjust the spine, reduce pressure on the joints and provide ways to prevent injury. More broadly, chiropractors offer helpful tips and tricks to anyone who frequently exerts themselves and works their bodies.

improved fitness performance

Reduces Trips to the Doctor

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that a noninvasive chiropractic plan can help reduce the number of trips you take to the doctor. It is estimated that 75-80% of Americans experience lower back pain in a given year, and that lower back pain is the fifth most common medical complaint to doctors. All the while, a chiropractor can just as easily address the underlying cause of the pain while helping improve sleep, immunity, headaches and fitness performance – all in one visit!

less trips to the doctor

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