Best Fall Workouts

Best Fall Workouts

Getting Active in Autumn

With sweltering summer days behind us, fall brings a new opportunity for scenic, outdoor workouts in welcoming weather. If you’re growing tired of your gym membership, take advantage of the new season by switching up your routine and heading outside! We are trading in humidity and pesky mosquitoes for crunchy leaves and a cool breeze. Use nature’s transformation to inspire a new chapter of getting active! 

Sunset Yoga

The days may be shorter, but that only means the sunset arrives earlier. End your work days with a colorful autumn sunset and a soothing yoga flow. Enjoy the cool breeze and colorful leaves as you relieve stress, increase flexibility, build strength and mentally ground yourself.

Yoga improves the mind-body connection, leading to greater focus, productivity and mental clarity. It’s the perfect way to calm your mind of the million thoughts it processes throughout the work day. Taking your practice outside adds in a deeper connection with nature, a healthy dose of vitamin D and an inspirational environment.

best fall workouts yoga

Scenic Hiking

Don’t underestimate the power of a good hike! Hiking is easier on the joints than other forms of cardio, but can burn over 500 calories an hour. A healthy dose of the great outdoors yields extensive health benefits, including lowered risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Hiking not only helps physically, but also mentally! Research shows that using hiking as a supplement to therapy can help individuals suffering from severe depression and anxiety, and even inspire those suffering from it to lead a more active lifestyle. Get hiking, get healthy, get happy!

Are you local to the Seattle/Bellevue area? Check out our hiking recommendations here.

best fall workouts hiking


What better way to spend a weekend than cycling outdoors in the crisp autumn air? Biking is a low-impact, full-body workout with countless benefits. Regular cycling can increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility. It can also decrease stress levels and reduce anxiety and depression. 

If your commute allows it, try trading in your drives to work with a bike ride instead. A simple switch can be the easiest way to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

best fall workouts biking

Try Something New!

The leaves are changing, and so are you! Use nature’s transition as inspiration to get out of your comfort zone. Often, the transition from spring and summer to autumn and winter can have a negative effect on our energy levels and mood. Combat the seasonal shift with a fun activity to keep you healthy and optimistic.

Have you always wanted to rock climb? Find a climbing gym near you and take an intro course. Learn to tap dance, take up Pilates or join a community softball league!

Anything that gets you moving will keep your spirits up as the days get shorter. 

best fall workouts rock climbing

Schedule a Seasonal Check Up

Take a break from your autumn activities to check on your back and spine health. Regular appointments with a professional chiropractor can help you improve posture, increase energy and raise stamina. That means you’ll be all set for the holidays!  At Higher Health Spine and Sport, we are happy to be your go-to Bellevue chiropractor.