Year End Countdown to Rollover of Health Insurance Benefits

With the holidays finally upon us, time only seems to be speeding up as the activities, family obligations and celebrations flow throughout the month. Before we know it 2019 will be here, and benefits you had left in your health insurance plan will be gone. That’s why it’s important to take the time to check-in with your plan, and schedule a visit to utilize those dollars before they expire.

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The New Super Supplement: Collagen

Move aside kale, there’s a new health craze in town. Collagen is the new “buzzword” in terms of health and wellness, and with good reason. Collagen, though naturally produced by your body, has some amazing health benefits that can be elevated by taking collagen supplements or by consuming this protein naturally. Let’s explore some of the top benefit health benefits of collagen.

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Pauline Haugen